Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vroom, Vroom!

Navigating through life is not unlike navigating through unknown terrain in a car that is equipped with a navigation system. A series of steps is required to get from A to B.
First, we have to enter the destination. We have to program and set our intent as precisely as possible. The only constraint is that the destination has to be reachable with our vehicle.
Second, we need to have gas in the tank, start the engine and apply energy to the wheels to get moving. We have to energize our intent. In life we do that by generating enthusiasm and passion that is providing the necessary momentum, driving us forward.
Third, we need to drive consistently. Every journey takes time, patience, and persistence. There may be traffic jams, detours, or even mechanical problems that slow us down. Our intent may need to be nurtured and kept alive. Perseverance is essential.
Fourth, we have to be careful, prudent, and precise in the whole endeavor. Speeding, running red lights, driving drunk, or even just neglecting the maintenance of our vehicle could seriously jeopardize our trip. Impeccability is the only real travel insurance we can obtain in life - impeccability, precision, and integrity.
Fifth, we have to constantly pay attention to our navigation screen and to the environment, so we can correlate the information to see if we are on course. Without uncompromising presence and alertness, effective navigation is impossible. If we are constantly lost in thoughts, we are bound to get lost in life.
Happy travels!