Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Online with Infinity

It seems pretty obvious that we are part of an intelligent system. Life and the world at large exhibit order; and evolution clearly has direction and purpose. The intelligence is noticable everywhere. It builds and maintains our bodies. It assists the birds in defying gravity. It teaches the plants to use the energy of the sun. This intelligence is so infinitely complex and time and space transcending that it naturally defies all our attempts to comprehend and conceptualize it.

But while it may be pointless trying to understand it, we are perfectly capable of connecting and communicating with it. All the elements of this system are constantly communicating with each other and with the system at large. We used to communicate with it as well, before we became distracted by our mind as it learned to think. Now we are cut off from a large part of this information exchange because:

1) We cannot receive information anymore because we have turned nearly all our attention toward our thoughts. We often drive or walk long distances without remembering any detail at all. We usually just allocate a small percentage of awareness to the environment to avoid accidents.

2) We have forgotten how to send or request information because communicating for us now means to express our thoughts. So, if we have the urge to communicate with the system at large at all, we usually pray, or curse for that matter. Since thoughts and words are 'cheap', and the rest of the universe communicates through action, we are not getting through very well. And even if we would get through, we most likely would miss the response. (see 1)

This scenario leaves us dependent on the disconnected and static set of information that happens to be in our head to figure out how to move through life in the best possible way, which compares to researching the best route for a trip around the world with the help of a little laptop computer - without bothering to connect it to the internet.

Why wouldn't we want to go online and tap into the infinite intelligence of life itself? The rules of engagement seem to be quite straightforward. We request information and guidance through actions and gestures, and we receive information and guidance by turning our awareness away from our thoughts - towards the entirety of our sense perceptions, 360 degrees, all around, inside and out. The resulting appearance of correlations, hunches, signs, omens, synchronicities, and silent knowledge - the sensations of excitement, flow, peace, and oneness - should offer all the incentive we want. :-))