Thursday, September 30, 2010


There are many ways how navigating life makes more sense than living entirely from our mind. On the most basic level it is simply more magical and exciting to allow and integrate intuition and synchronicities into our daily lives. And on the other end of the spectrum we find that navigating is the exclusive and natural way for the being to move through life once the ego is relinquished.
While we can successfully use our intuition to pursue the freedom to do what we want, the default intent of navigation is towards freedom from wanting anything at all.

On closer examination it becomes quite obvious that navigating life requires us to surrender, and complete and effortless navigation requires complete surrender.  After a lifetime of being conditioned to never give up, surrendering does neither sound appealing, nor effortless, to say the least. But due to the unfathomable force, I came to know as ‘Grace’, we can actually navigate right into surrender, instead of having to surrender in order to navigate. If this sounds like a riddle, it is a benevolent one.

Bottom line, once we engage our indigenous navigation system, we are on our way to freedom (the good kind). Just don’t open the champagne too early. Our mind is pretty skilled in causing ‘false awakenings’. 

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