Saturday, March 27, 2010

88.8 KINF

Navigating life is a very practical and intuitive affair once we open ourselves to two fundamental realizations: First, that the life within and all around us is permeated by intelligence and awareness. And second, that we are able to consciously communicate with this intelligence. The biggest obstacle to the second realization is the fact that life and consciousness at large are infinite and therefore do not yield to our habitual way of comprehension. We can only understand and wrap our mind around things that are defined by time and space. Life broadcasts in the 'infinity bandwidth', so to speak. To tune into this broadcast, we have to 'pretend' to be infinite ourselves (which shouldn't be too much of a stretch). Not part of infinity, that would be an oxymoron, but infinite, boundless, without the concept of separation or self-reflection. So, essentially, we just have to turn the dial from 98.7 KSELF to 88.8 KINF and we are tuned in. Happy Travels!


  1. Congratulations. Magic Magician. I love your site.And you know I love your book. Great work. Good Luck in Cyber space. Have a Fun Journey

  2. Thanks for your great book. I inhaled it. I read the first Don Juan book right out of college in 1973. I remember jumping out of my body at one part; then quickly seeking refuge in one of my (7) room mates beds, to continuing reading! From time to time I would go back to #1 and see how far I could read through the series! I never made it from the first to the last. Now materializing makes me laugh. Would love to play with Magical Passes. Will check out the global calendar. Much love to you.

  3. If we are intelligence and awareness and infinity is intelligence and awareness and we are all connected with infinity then logically we are a part of infinity.

    How can that be an oxymoron? The only way that could be is if we didn't have a connecting link with infinity at large. A link that warriors in the tradition of Don Juan Matus spend a lifetime cleaning and use to explore Infinity At Large.

    Also, you say "We can only understand and wrap our mind around things that are defined by time and space."

    Since the emmanations are all made up out of time and space we should then be able to understand all emmanations and everything that is part of it.

    This would include what warriors in the tradition of Don Juan Matus refer to as the third attention, aka the unknowable. Which flies straight into the face of the Original Teachings of Don Juan.

    Instead of saying that we "understand", I'm inclined to agree with Carlos Castaneda who said in an interview to the author of the interview the following:

    "You don't understand anything." I was taken aback. "None of us do! We don't understand the world, we merely handle it---but we handle it beautifully. So when you say 'I don't understand,' that's just a slogan. You never understood anything to begin with."

  4. re. Bozo Joy's comment:
    the issues are related to language use. "part of infinity" is an oxymoron because infinity cannot have parts. it is all inclusive by definition. every "part" of infinity would have to be infinity as well, which renders it useless as a concept. i.e. we are not part of infinity, we are infinity itself really.

    as to the question of understanding: i am using "understanding" in the sense of "grasping", "apprehending","being able to conceptualize and wrap our mind around". Also, please note that i am not saying that we do understand everything that is defined by time and space, but that we can only understand (in the above sense) what is defined by time and space. this is different.

    of course i agree that we do not understand anything if we define understanding as having complete knowledge about something. :-))