Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Final Proof

I just received the final proof of the book cover.
It is being printed next week. Wow!
(Clicking on the image enlarges the view.)


  1. Congratulations! May it be a great source of wisdom to many. Looking forward to get my copy.

    Hugs from Barcelona.

  2. Your book would not let me buy a new deck of Tarot cards or let me go until I "found" it. I could not put it down all weekend. I especially apprciated the last sentence at the end of 'Gathering Momentum.'
    " . . . it (the storm)provided the perfect backdrop for our reflections on one of the most dramatic navigational lessons ever."

    I've just been through one of those and welcome the challenge to recapitulate mine to plot the future course.

  3. More than a book The Art of Navigation is
    a mirror-door opening of its own,
    letting loose a spiritual on-rushing current
    of synchronicities, and “flirts”
    gratefully based on intention of compassion, healing.

    Carried away by a sense of something always known,
    yearning for mystery and adventure,
    there is yet another remembering . . .
    that when creating the program
    for my vacation on 'the holi-deck'
    (this particular incarnation)
    the section popped up
    “what clues do you want to leave
    so that you may find your way home?”
    Like Hansel and Gretel dropping breadcrumbs on the path . . .
    what clues will I leave for myself
    in deja vu
    so that I will remember who I truly am?
    As a child I would play the game of
    “How far into the woods can I explore until I am disoriented?”
    “How far away from myself can I go?”

    The drum and rattle stop . . .
    an omni-directional prayer
    from calm center is sung
    intended to expand infinitely
    and then it echoes
    it return,
    in the gravity pull of the central atom of my heart
    in silence . . .

    With a sense of relief
    when finally the cadence renews afresh
    it's time to follow the beat and the signs back home.

    I am the shaman.
    I am the cave.
    I am the starship captain.
    I am the starship
    I am the universe
    I am the command


  4. Reading the book a 2nd time and revelling in the auspicousness of its compassionate intention . . .
    Within what seemed like moments of the first reading, Life arranged to have me meet up with a most powerful Toltec witch, who blasted away at the "hyprocacy" in my relations. Within a few more moments I was an honored guest of a nightime Goddess sexual healing ceremony which was one of the most magnificent events of my entire life - complete with the men powerboating out to an island in Biscayne Bay holding preparationn then returning to the most beautiful night-time celebration of sexual balance recently seen on the planet. Whew!
    The next day, the energy shift moved me to leave a repressive job I held for 9 years. Goddess Love is currently nurturing me in a most profound way - healing the dark places of my soul with uncompromising Unconditional Love.
    Sommersaulting into a Gathering of Shambhala Warriors Workshop tomorrow as a new point of navigation.
    I am increasingly grateful for the book and its cover - an openining warm and bright to a gracefully hopeful and joyous future. . .